RADIOTECH NDT Test Lab Pvt. Ltd. is a growing Non Destructive Testing company which gives a personal and professional service covering conventional NDT using X-Ray and gamma-rays radiography. The company was formed by Mr. Sharad C. Kansara jointly with other family members, also associated with foundry technology as well as NDT field in the year 1983 with a goal to provide the best of the services and quality.

Driven by his vision and qualifications as site in-charge by AERB, the company was the first NDT laboratory in private sector in the state of Gujarat to procure reference radiographs for perfect interpretation and quality assurance for radiography quality castings. The company has also taken initiative in educating technical people from foundaries, fabricators, QC persons of institutions in presence of third party inspection agencies like LRIS, EIL, PDIL, BVQI, etc. about ASTM and EN standards of radiography techniques and conducted courses on ASNT certification in Ahmedabad.


RADIOTECH NDT Test Lab Pvt. Ltd., a Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) approved radiography unit, offers a full range of industrial radiographic services and techniques. Moreover, RADIOTECH is Gujarat's first National Accredition Board for Testing & Calibaration Laboratories (NABL) accredited NDT laboratory in the field of X-ray and gamma radiography. Our multi-disciplined technicians have the ability to handle a variety of assignments onsite or offsite , thus providing a high degree of flexibility to our clients. Experienced customer service representatives familiar with the planning and carrying out of NDT projects are available to consult with and assist at every level to achieve the most effective examinations in a technically sound and economic way.

  • RADIOTECH, a Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), approved Radiography unit.
  • Gujarat's first NDT laboratory accredited by National acereditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) as per ISO / IEC 17025 International Standard in the field of Gamma and X-ray radiography.
  • Radiography covered under all inspection agencies like LRIS, TUV, BVQI, PDIL, NPCL, DRDO, IBR etc.
  • Availble all related reference standerds / Codes & Reference Radiographs.
  • More than 30 years of experience.
  • Competent manpower.
  • High class infrastructure and excellent working environment.
  • Prompt attendance to all customer queries.
Safety Control at RADOTECH

Our Valued Client's

Our Services

Gamma Radiography:

Radioactive Ir 192 / Co 60 gamma source used to detect the internal flows in the castings, forgings and welded fabricated equipments.

X-Ray Radiography:

Soft X-Ray produced electronically from cathode and anode used to detect internal flows in low thickness castings, fabricated equipments and critical components used in Automobiles, Space and Aerospace application etc.

Ultrasonic Inspection:

Ultrasound waves are used to detect the internal flows in castings, forgings and welded equipments can penetrate at very high level and useful to detect depth & size of flows.

Magnetic Particle Testing:

Electromagnetic waves used to detect the subsurface internal flows in the castings, fabricated equipments. Very useful to detect subsurface cracks.

Dye Penetrant Testing:

Special liquid dye and penetrant spray on the surface of components to evaluate the open surface defects (flows). Very useful to detect porosity and fine cracks.

Our Specialization

  • All type of Casting Radiography
  • Radiography of critical component used in Defense and Space technology


Sr. No.




  • Name
  • RADIOTECH NDT Test Lab Pvt. Ltd


  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Sharad C. Kansara                  [M: +91 98980 00760]


  • Technical Person/s
  • Nilesh M. Parmar                    [M: +91 98984 88923]
  • Satish R. Motghare            [M: +91 98981 20564]
  • Administrative Staff
  • Bipin R. Parmar                       [M: +91 98984 88147]


  • Address &


  • Communication lines:
  • Reg. Office: 87-90, Bhagwati Industrial Estate, Behind Uttam Dairy,  Opp. Dimple Stationary Mart, Amraiwadi Road,  Ahmedabad-380026, Gujarat [India].
  • Phone: + 91 79 2277 0044  Fax: + 91 79 2277 0043 email:  rad_ndt@yahoo.co.in
  • Branch: Plot No. 6, Paras Ind. Estate, B/h Shaktiman, Rajkot-Gondal Road, Village: Bharudi – 360311. Dist. Rajkot, Gujarat, INDIA.


  • Quality System adopted
  • International Quality Management System:
  • ISO/IEC 17025:2005 & ISO 9001:2008


  • Scope of NDT Services offered
  • Gamma & X-ray radiography of Castings and Fabricated jobs


  • Present radiography capacity
  • 5.5 million sq in. of film / annum


  • Competent manpower
  • Chief Executive Officer

BARC Level-II (RT)
NDT Level-II (RT)

  • Radiation Safety Officer

BARC Level-II (RT)
NDT Level-II (RT)

  • Site In-charge  

BARC Level-II (RT), NDT Level-II (RT, DPT, UT, MPT)

  • Specialist                        


  • Radiographers (7 Nos.)

BARC Level- I (RT)


  • Building
  • Unique architecture having;
  • AERB approved Enclosure
  • Scientifically designed Dark Room 
  • Modern furniture & fixtures and
  • Adequate support facilities


  • Radiography equipment
(i) Gamma Sources: 5 Nos.
(ii) X-Ray Units:  3 Nos.


  • Working Environment
  • Customer and team oriented work culture.
  • Employees are well paid, content, disciplined and continually educated and trained.
  • Excellent housekeeping and safety precautions.
  • Controlled temperature maintained in critical work places.


  • Quality of our Customer Services
  • Guaranteed quality of NDT work
  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • Most competitive rates
  • Emergency of customers is well taken care of.


  • Recognition earned for Third party inspection
(i) LRIS  (ii) BVQI 
(iii) TUV  (iv) PDIL
(v) L & T (vi) NPCL(vii) VSSC and (viii) GE

Defence R & D Organization (DRDO), Ministry of Defence, Government of India approved test house.


  • Membership
  • National Association of NDT Services Organization (NANSO).


  • Award
  • Winner of “Outstanding Entrepreneur” award 2011 from NANSO.

Safety Controls

The primary concern of RADIOTECH NDT Test Lab Pvt. Ltd. is the personal safety and health of each and every employee. The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illness is considered of such importance that itis given precedence over operating considerations whenever necessary. It is corporate policy to provide the resources necessary to ensure that personal safety and health related matters are maintained to the highest standard.

We operate a Safety Program, which is supported by management, supervisors and employees. The program encourages co-operation between the parties since it is through a co-operative effort that the company can achieve and maintain an enviable safety record. Every employee recognizes that the responsibility for health and safety is a shared responsibility.

Our Safety Program Includes:

  • The provision of physical safeguards.
  • The provision of personal protective equipment.
  • A regular program of inspection aimed at identifying and eliminating Unsafe working conditions and practices.
  • The training of employees in safety procedures and in safe working Practices with emphasis on:
  • The continual development and refinement of safety and health rules.
  • Ensuring the adherence to safety and health rules.
  • The prompt investigation of every accident in order to avoid its recurrence.
  • The continual development and refinement of working procedures to ensure safe working.
  • Routine inspection and maintenance of equipment.
  • Personal Conduct
  • Safety Discipline
  • Accident Reporting
  • Personal Protection
  • First Aid
  • Attention to Tools and Equipment
  • Machines
  • Electricity
  • Compressed Gases and Fluids
  • Crane and Forklift Operation
  • Fire
  • Lifting and Handling of Materials
  • Materials Storage
  • Operation of Motor Vehicles and Accident Reporting
  • Welding and Cutting
  • Radiation Safety


RADIOTECH NTD Test Lab Pvt. Ltd., a competent and leading NDT laboratory offering its services to domestic and international clients in compliance with international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005, is totally commited to:

  • Pursue good professional practises and quality radiography testing while serving valued customers.
  • Consistently maintain standard of service in terms of radiographs [i] sensitivity: 2% or better, [ii] Density: 2 to 4.0 and [iii] minimum reshoots and better than acceptable quality.
  • Generate error free and technically valid observations and interpretations in form of a radiography test report in accordance with quality management system ISO/IEC 17025:2005.
  • Demonstrate that gamma and X-ray radiography is always carried out in accordance with stated relevant ASTM/ASME codes, EN standards and customer's requirements,consistently serve customers and thereby earn national and international recognistion.

Our Quality Objective

  • Firmly hold our current status of one of the leading quality conscious NDT laboratory that operates a management system, is technically competent and is able to generate technically valid observations and test results.
  • Consitently maintain radiographs sensitivity 2% or better and density within 2 to 4 for all the test reports.
  • Demonstrate that gamma and X-ray radiography is always carried out in accordance with stated ASTM/ASME codes, EN standards and customer's requirements, consistently serve customers and thereby earn nationa and international recognistion.
  • Offer test reports within 24 hours after completion of radiography job subject to receipt of jobs as per schedule.
  • Entertain emergencies of the customers with positive mind set.

Contact Us

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Regd. Office

87-90, Bhagwati Estate,
B/h Uttam Dairy, Amraivadi Road,
Ahmedabad-380026, India

Phone: +91 79 22770044

Fax: +91 79 22770043

E-mail: mail@radiotech.in

E-mail: rad_ndt@yahoo.co.in


Plot No. 6, Paras Ind. Estate,
B/h Shaktiman, Rajkot-Gondal Road,
Village: Bharudi
360311. Rajkot. Gujarat- India.

Phone: 02825-280401/402

E-mail: mail@radiotech.in

E-mail: rad_ndt@yahoo.co.in